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Flu Vaccine

The most sophisticated tool for fighting the flu virus is through immunization.  The vaccination is available to anyone who wants to reduce the chances of getting the virus. 
The best time to get the vaccine for influenza is before the start of the flu season. In the Philippines, the flu season coincides with the rainy season. It is best to get the vaccine between February and June. You may still get the vaccine outside these months. You must get a flu shot every year to be protected from the latest strain of the virus in a particular flu season. 
The following are advised to have vaccination against influenza:

  •  Persons 50 years or above
  • Children 6 months to 23 months
  •  Adults and children with chronic health conditions (congestive heart failure, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, stroke, COPD, asthma, bronchitis, chronic renal dysfunction)
  • Health care workers and other personnel of outpatient care settings, hospitals, nursing home and chronic care facilities
  • Adults and children who want to avoid getting influenza.

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