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By Kit Apari

Have you ever heard anyone say they immensely enjoy being confined in the hospital?  At the least, do you know of anyone who is sick that says, “Oh this is the greatest experience of my life, wish I was always sick.”

The fact is, no one wants to be sick, feel weak, or become helpless because of an ailment.  We know when we’re sick, we spend for medicine to get well, we lose time and money because we need to be away from work or school, and we waste each day we are sick, away and isolated from our loved ones so they won’t get infected.                 .

OneHealthCard was created with the intent of giving each individual access to comprehensive out-patient healthcare maintenance program promoting wellness and preventive management.  Currently we have 5 packages that a patient can choose from based on their needs, or their doctor’s recommendation, as well as their budget.  Membership is not age restricted, and has no discrimination on pre-existing conditions.

OneHealthCard believes PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE.  Isn’t it that a car needs constant care to run well, meaning the engine is clean and working well, its tires have just enough air in them, and the driver never neglects to put gas in it?  And don’t you regularly clean it, polish and vacuum it, also to make you feel good about your expensive property?  If your answer is YES, then you should do the same way with your body.

Remember, just because you feel physically okay doesn’t mean you’re healthy.  You don’t wait for something to happen to you or your loved ones for you to go visit the doctor.  Have yourself regularly checked by your doctor.  Be confident that you and your loved ones are away from sickness, and know that you’ll be with them for a long time.  Being healthy means less stress, and less stress means a worry-free, happier, longer life.

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