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Painless Digital Mammography

Electrical Impedance Computer Mammogram

This is the first of a kind device which uses advanced digital imaging reconstruction algorithms to identify, locate and size different female breast abnormalities such as malignant tumors, benign cysts, fibroadenomas, etc. irrespective of the physical condition of women.
However, it is important to note that this device does not replace the current imaging modalities such as X-ray Mammography and Ultrasound. It is used as an adjunct modality for primary breast screening purpose giving doctors the ability to take more informed decisions in taking the next steps for their clients.

Key Features:
heartNo radiation
heart Non-invasive
heart Early detection of breast cancer (3mm – 5mm)
heartNo age barrier, pregnant, lactating, breast implants, pace makers, etc., all qualify for the screening.
heart < 35 seconds to perform scanning and display of digital images
heart Visual and quantitative indicators to interpret images
heart Micro classification capabilities to differentiate between different tissue types and breast abnormalities
heart Able to classify high risk patients

So book an appointment with us TODAY and experience painless digital mammography.

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