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Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician

A Neurodevelopmental pediatrician specializes in the integrative treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism and related conditions, including Tourette Syndrome, sensory disorders, and behavioral problems. Integrative medicine is an approach that looks at each child as a complete, unique person, rather than just someone with a set of “symptoms” that needs to be corrected. Integrative medicine also combines the best of both conventional and alternative medicine, using what is most effective for each specific child and situation. Neurodevelopmental pediatricians also evaluate infants, toddlers and children who show signs of motor and developmental delays. Early intervention is so important because it minimizes and in some cases prevents delays in development of infants and toddlers with disabilities. They can decrease the need for special education and related services when a child enters school, and it also increases independence.
Moreover, they take the time to carefully and thoroughly evaluate your child’s overall development, including his or her strengths and abilities, as well as challenges. From this process, you and your child will then receive a treatment plan that emphasizes natural and safe interventions, and that complements your family’s unique needs and values.


In addition to conducting an initial evaluation and providing recommendations, they will work together over time with you and your child to adjust or change the treatments to ensure your child’s long-term success.
You can contact us thru 661-7777 Ext. 105 to schedule an appointment with our Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician.

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