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One Emergency Assistance

Accidents and sickness are the major causes of death and disability. Many of us wrongly adopt the "it-will-never-happen-to-me" mentality, but for millions, putting your head in the sand could have dreadful consequences. Medical emergency experiences from family, friends and various people are proof that no one is an exception; it can happen to us too. The emotional and financial burden of such emergencies can be overbearing.  So how can you ensure you are properly protected should you find yourself out of work due to an accident or sickness?
One Emergency Assist (OEA) is the answer. The OEA card is a joint product between PNB Life and One Health Card, a network for affordable outpatient membership programs.

What are the medical benefits you can get from it:
- PhP 20,000 Emergency Medical Care for Accident and Sickness.
- PhP 100,000 Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability (ADDD) benefits.
- PhP 20,000 Accidental Burial Benefit.
- FREE (1) Complete Blood Count
- FREE (1) Urinalysis
- FREE (1) Chest X-ray
- FREE (1) Blood Sugar
- 10x Primary Care MD consult
- 30% discount ECG
- 30% discount Ultrasound
- 30% discount Lipid Profile
- 30% discount Diabetes/ Renal Package
- 30% discount Liver Test Package
- Minimum of 5% discount on all diagnostic and ancillary test not stated on the benefits.

So prepare for the worst, plan for the best and get your ounce of prevention now!

*PhP 4.79/day


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